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So Hilary Duff doesn’t dress ‘like a mom’ — so what?

Are short shorts appropriate for the school drop-off? Is it acceptable to wear a trench coat with bare legs on school grounds? These are the kind of pressing questions being debated on social media this week after celebrity mom Hilary Duff shared a school drop-off snap on Instagram.

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“Hey moms! I came up wth a semi cute outfit for school drop off!” Duff posted. “I usually roll in sweat pants or lulu lemons and look like a disaster but this morning I managed to throw something cute together and I thought would share. Cut offs or jeans. A light weight trench over a sweater or tee, cross body bag sneaks or booties and a pair of Sunnies! Now you try! Tag me in your photo.”

What Duff didn’t say was “please give me your opinion on whether my outfit is school gate appropriate or whether it’s suitable attire for a lady of class.” But of course, she’s a celebrity, and this is social media, and wherever the two shall meet, judgment and harsh comments are never far behind.

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“Pretty sure we wouldn’t be allowed in the school to drop off or pick up our kids if we wore this!” sniped one unimpressed follower, while another was quick to offer fashion advice: “I don’t know that the shorts are appropriate for school pick-up, and I definitely don’t think the outfit necessarily ‘goes together.'”

“You call this cute?!? A lady of class and substance wouldn’t be caught wearing this even in her worst hair day…” was another charming comment.

It’s unlikely that the 28-year-old mom of Luca, son with retired ice hockey player and ex-husband Mike Comrie, 35, will lose any sleep over what the people of Instagram think of her outfit choice. Everyone — famous or not — has to brace themselves for some level of negativity when they share selfies with the public.

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But setting that aside, what’s the deal with judging moms for what they wear to take their kids to school? Does anyone really pay that much attention to what another parent is wearing for those few short minutes it takes to drop a child off at the school gates? Actually getting the kids to school on time every day — which can be no mean feat, as we all know — is far more important than what we wear to do it. Whether it’s sweatpants, Daisy Dukes or your favorite party frock.

Being a parent is hard enough. Doing the school run every day is also hard enough. Parenting shouldn’t come with a uniform, and the last thing we need is to worry about not wearing what other people deem appropriate.

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