The Bachelor star Ashley Salter’s baby name gives him big shoes to fill

Ashley Salter, the much-loved fan fave on the The Bachelor, announced the birth of her adorable baby son with fiancé Austin Brannen and revealed the little dude’s name alongside a picture of the happy family on Instagram yesterday. So what do you name a kid with two down-to-earth, ridiculously photogenic parents? How about Brooks Hartman Brannen?

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Salter, who appeared on The Bachelor opposite Chris Soules and then again in another of the show’s iterations, Bachelor in Paradise, plans on marrying her college sweetheart, Austin Brannen, but in the meantime, the pair seemed really excited to welcome their little one when Salter first revealed she was pregnant. That was during a taping of the wedding of Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, who met on the set of Bachelor in Paradise.

It puts her in with a growing number of Bachelor alumna who are settling down and starting families, including Ali Fedotowsky and her fiancé, Kevin Manno.

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As far as the name Salter and Brannen have picked for their little bundle of joy, it’s perfectly country and right on trend, as more and more people are choosing surnames as first names for their babies. This little dude has it in spades too. Brooks Hartman Brannen is a string of last names with gravitas, which means the little guy has a lot of room to grow into his monikers.

Brooks has been steadily rising in popularity — it jumped 56 whole spots on a list of the most popular baby boy names in 2014 and now lives securely in the top 250 names nationwide. It also lends a certain amount of masculinity to parents that love the sound of a Brook or Brooklyn but aren’t ready to try something quite so bold as a gender-neutral name for their little guys.

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He’s also got some very manly men to look up to with a name that emulates the monikers of athletes like Brooks Laich, Brooks Robinson and Brooks Reed, who play hockey, baseball and football, respectively. In fact, Brooks Robinson, who played for the Orioles, is considered by some to be the best third baseman — ever. So it’s possible that Salter and Brannen were hoping their little one would have a few athletic bones in his body when he grows up.

It’s also a popular last name among some of our favorite actors, models and singers, so Brooks Brannen will be right at home among his similarly named peers like Mel and Mahcad.

And of course, there’s no conversation of the name Brooks that can be had without at least giving a little nod to who might be the one Brooks with the most name recognition: good ol’ Garth.

No matter what Salter’s son grows up to be or do, it’s clear his name will serve him well. Congratulations on the new addition, you two!

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