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Fetty Wap’s baby needs a tiara to match her regal name

There’s a new baby in town! Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Fetty Wap and his ex-girlfriend, Masika Kalysha, welcomed their daughter into the world on Tuesday, March 29. E! Online reports that Wap was by Mom’s side as she delivered their bundle of joy, despite any tensions the two may have faced during the pregnancy itself.

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The couple chose a beautiful name for their daughter — Khari Barbie Maxwell. The name Khari is an African name that means “queenly” and “born to rule and bring joy.” Such a regal name for a little girl!

In a world where women’s power is often stripped from them (and this is often doubly true for black women), the act of giving a girl a name that indicates she is powerful is actually a radical and subversive act. In choosing a name that tells little Khari — and the rest of the world — that she is akin to royalty, her parents have taken the first step in giving her the gift of knowing (and owning) her power.

Choosing names for girls that indicate strength is a great way to subtly challenge the messages that society sends children about gender roles. As they grow up, girls are likely to be socialized to be meek, to defer to boys or to not trust their own instincts.

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While a name might seem like a small step, it’s one that instills in a girl that she is allowed to be more than what the world tells her she must be. It’s a way for her parents to set the stage and give her permission to carry herself in a way that may be at odds with how society expects her to be.

But the name is not just about power — it’s also about joy. Khari may be born to rule, but she’s also born to bring joy and happiness to the people in her life. What a great message to send to a child — you are born to know your power and to spread joy to the world around you.

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Khari joins her two siblings — Wap’s children from previous relationships — Aydin, 4, whose mother is Wap’s ex-girlfriend Ariel Reese, and Zaviera, 9 months, whose mother is Wap’s ex-girlfriend Lezhae Zeona. Congratulations to both parents on their new baby, who has a pretty big name to live up to.

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