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Jessa Duggar puts her baby in a car seat, and the world freaks out

While people are either huge fans of the Duggar clan or completely hate them, there is nothing quite like a controversy to bring everyone together. This time? The uproar surrounds Jessa’s recent Instagram shot. It reveals her husband, Ben, reading a book in a coffee shop while their son, Spurgeon, chills out in his car seat, apparently playing with a stuffed giraffe.

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Do you see a problem yet? Anyone? Bueller? Apparently some folks got up in arms because the baby is sitting in his car seat. They cite the very real problem that when babies are left to nap in a car seat, they run the risk of restricting their airway or becoming entangled in the straps, which can and does lead to death.

Yes, this is a legitimate concern. The Seewalds and all parents everywhere should never let their baby nap in a car seat. But raking these new parents over the coals for this particular photograph is a bit much. It’s important that people do know they shouldn’t leave their infants in their car seats while they’re not actually driving, but this photo really doesn’t warrant this type of backlash.

For one thing, his mom and dad are right there. For another, he’s awake. In other words, he’s not tucked away in a separate room, door closed, snoozing away and actually running the risk of dying.

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Some folks are eager to tear this family down for any and all infractions. It’s too easy, really, since the family is so controversial, and their public life makes them easy targets. People will jump at the chance to be jerks to this family for basically everything, from their religion to their family size to the political stances of Jim Bob and Michelle.

Definitely, though, do not forget parenting skills. Duggar detractors can be pretty eager to snap up whatever seems amiss as these 19 children leave the nest and begin to build their own families. With social media being such a huge thing and the kids having their own handles, it’s almost too easy to find a tidbit that seems a bit off and tear these people to shreds.

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Pointing out parenting mistakes is certainly noble, especially when actual harm can come to the children unless easy-to-fix errors are brought to light. But this? This probably isn’t really an issue. Of course, Jessa’s fans quickly came to her defense on her Instagram post, pointing out that she’s a new mom and yes, mistakes can happen, but that doesn’t really give her a pass for making a dangerous parenting mistake like her sister did in 2015. However, a baby chilling out and munching on his giraffe, in his car seat, with his parents by his side, is probably not cause for alarm.

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