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7 items I keep in my bag to make life less hectic

Like every mom out there that chauffeurs her kids to and from friends, runs errands, hits the gym… I’m busy. Having been a single mom for many years, I’ve learned a few tips to stay healthy on the go!

Image: Lisa Harris & Jenna Crandall/SheKnows

I always have my tote stocked in my car with essentials:

  1. Workout shoes. I never know when I may get a chance to work out. Sometimes I get to the school 20 minutes early. I park, put on my shoes and take a quick run. Always leave a pair of sneakers in your car. They don’t allow any excuses to not burn a few extra calories.
  2. My sunscreen. I live for sun protection. This one is tinted and I apply it two to three times per day. It’s so light.
  3. Protein bars. My favorites are peanut butter and chocolate coconut. They seriously save me from going through drive-thrus or stopping at one of the 10 donut shops that surround my house. Keep them in the car or in your purse. Your summer body will thank you.
  4. A book or Audible. Right now I’m hooked on a celebrity fitness book which is such a great perspective on taking care of your mind and body. I think it’s really great! I love to pull it out while I wait for my kids at gymnastics or field hockey instead of scrolling mindlessly through Instagram.
  5. Toothbrush and toothpaste. You never know when you may need a quick brush on the go. Lately, I’ve been a fan of Sensodyne True White mint toothpaste. Over the past few years, my gum line has started to recede. This toothpaste helps relieve that sensitivity and helps to give me whiter teeth if I stick to twice daily brushing.
  6. A full bottle of water. I’m trying really hard to drink more water. Keeping a full bottle of water with a drop of lemon oil is my favorite.
  7. I set reminders in my calendar with positive affirmations and an alarm to go off during times when I know I’m feeling overwhelmed.
Image: Lisa Harris & Jenna Crandall/SheKnows

Example: school pickup. That line is insane. I know that once my three daughters jump in the car, my day is about to get loud. Some days, it’s a funny quote or even a simple reminder to take five deep breaths or a reminder to stay present while they are telling me about their day.

Rarely does my day go as planned. Schedules change, meltdowns happen, you get stuck in traffic, etc. Keeping a bag stocked in the car really does help eliminate some of the unwanted stress that creeps up on all of us.

What are your favorite tips to stay healthy on the go?

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between Sensodyne® toothpaste True White and SheKnows.

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