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Gorgeous photos show badass mom breastfeeding two toddlers at same time

Tandem extended breastfeeding
Image: Image by Mae Burke

This particular extended tandem nursing mom is used to a wide range of reactions from people, and she simply wants it to be understood that her way of nursing is perfectly normal for her and her daughters.

“This is how my girls feel nurtured and connected,” said Craig. “I don’t nurse to prove a point, and I don’t nurse to declare my superiority. I nurse for my girls.”

“I have found that once people see us nursing, their understanding shifts. It is as if the picture in their mind was so foreign they couldn’t understand it,” she added. “Seeing it, especially in beautiful pictures, allows them to see past their assumptions and into reality. And this is our reality. It is not for everyone, but it works for us.”

Extended tandem breastfeeding
Image: Image by Mae Burke

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