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Video of teen’s reaction when she saw her parents is horror film worthy

Oh, it sounds like a great idea. You just want a peek at your little boy or girl who has suddenly grown up and is heading off to a school dance in a cloud of deodorant, hairspray and hormones. Just a little inside glance at how it’s going couldn’t hurt, right? Wrong, oh-so very wrong, as evidenced by this video of ninth grader Beth Bagley’s reaction when her parents showed up at her school dance.

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Judd and Kristen Bagley of Salt Lake City, Utah, said they respected their daughter’s wishes not to chaperone her ninth grade dance. However, they just couldn’t resist stopping by to see how it was going. Judd posted the video showing the results of this fateful decision on YouTube, calling his daughter’s reaction when he saw them “priceless.” We’re not so sure that’s the word we would have chosen, but see for yourself.

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Who was more embarrassed in the end isn’t clear, but it definitely serves as a warning to all the nosy parents out there: Have your friends who are chaperoning the dance spy on your child for you.

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