This mom’s insanely short labor sounds too good to be true, but it is

Most pregnant women prepare themselves for a long labor. The first time I gave birth, my hospital bag was packed with a lengthy stay in mind, magazines and puzzle books aplenty. (Yes, I really was that naive to think I could master sudoku between contractions.)

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Labor lasting several hours is the norm for first-time moms, but one Scottish mother barely had time to take a breath before her baby was born, and she looks set to take the World’s Fastest Birth title following her daughter Poppy’s super-speedy arrival. Taking into account the contractions and labor, the entire process took an incredible five minutes and 17 seconds.

Daisy Stewart, 20, was induced last week, four weeks ahead of her due date, after being diagnosed with preeclampsia. She told the Evening Telegraph that midwives warned her that after she was induced it would be “a slow, painful process of two to three days” before she gave birth.

Even as her contractions started and the labor progressed, the nurse told Stewart and her partner, Keiran Watson, that it was going to be at least 10 hours before the birth. But the new mom revealed, “I pushed once, and she said, ‘There’s the head.’ I pushed two more times, and then Poppy arrived.”

“It was all a bit surreal,” she added.

“When Poppy arrived, Daisy actually said, ‘Is that it? It was easy,'” said Watson. “The nurses were astounded — it was incredible. She was delivered in what may be a record time, locally if not in the world.”

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Daisy was born weighing 6 pounds, 3 ounces, and after a brief health scare, she was given the all clear to go home.

Phyllis Winters, midwifery team manager at Ninewells, said, “For a first baby, the average length of active labor is around 12 to 18 hours. Women expecting a subsequent baby can expect the labor to last around six to eight hours.”

Guinness World Records has asked her parents to submit an application to create a new record title for the quickest labor of a first-time mom.

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A spokeswoman said, “We celebrate achievement of any kind. We would encourage the couple to make an application via our official website to create a new record title, upon which our records management team would review evidence to see if we are able to create a new category for them according to our rules and guidelines.”

We reckon Poppy’s birth could be hard to beat.

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