Seth Meyers packed a whole lot of meaning into his baby's name

Mar 30, 2016 at 10:12 a.m. ET

Saturday Night Live alum and funnyman Seth Meyers welcomed a baby boy over the Easter holiday, and the Late Night With Seth Meyers host shared the name of his new addition during his monologue on Tuesday. He and wife Alexi Ashe chose a name that's right on trend and really very sweet.

Ashe Olsen Meyers made his entrance into the world on Easter Sunday in a maternity ward that was fully decked out. Meyers quipped on his show that everyone was in a festive mood and most people had donned bunny ears, which is definitely a story he'll be telling for years to come. But the far more interesting part of the mini-Meyers debut is the little guy's name, Ashe.

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Ash, Ashe and Asher have all been rising steadily on the baby name charts, and the name, which gives a nod to the ash tree — sometimes associated with healing — and the Old English origin word that means happy, has been a popular name for boys since 2010.

But none of these fascinating associations appear to have entered into the equation when Meyers and his wife were choosing their son's name. Instead, they kept it right in the family: Ashe is the maiden name of Meyers' wife, Alexi.

On its own, that's an incredibly thoughtful and sweet way to make sure that a name that is such a large part of his wife's identity isn't lost. By now, we're so used to pitching our maiden names in favor of our husband's that it still seems odd when someone doesn't, and that's worth a whole conversation on its own. When it comes to little Ashe though, it gets even better.

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His middle name, Olsen, is a nod to another important woman in the little man's life. His maternal grandmother's maiden name was Olsen, which means he'll be carrying the torch and names of two women who will undoubtedly play a huge role in his life.

Reusing a maiden name that's been bumped in favor of the traditional married name is a great way to pay a little homage to a loved one's family and history. It's also a contemporary answer to "passing along the family name." We've seen a lot of different ways to keep a maiden name in play, but if hyphenating or portmanteaus aren't up your alley, picking a baby name that gives a nod to Mom isn't just sweet. It's completely on trend.

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Last names as first names have a certain appeal; they're dignified, typically gender neutral and unique, but not too unique, making them appealing options for parents who want their little ones to stand apart without sticking out. Using a name that's already been in the family adds another rich layer of history to the mix.

While in the past some parents have slid Mom's maiden name into a middle moniker or nickname, it's so awesome to see it front and center with little Ashe where it can really shine. Meyers was over the moon about his new addition and seemed amazed by the surreality of going from "not dad" to "dad" in a matter of mere moments. Fortunately, there's so much more amazing stuff in store for this little family unit, and with a name that lends their little one such gravitas, he's off to a great start!

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