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Joey Feek’s unusual parenting decision is helping Rory move on

Rory Feek has taken us all with him on his family’s harrowing journey throughout his late wife’s battle with cancer. His love for his bride is so deep, so true and so obvious that you don’t even have to know him personally to grasp the depth of the bond they shared. In his blog This Life I Live, he’s documented the many ups and downs of Joey’s illness and shared many precious moments along the way.

His latest blog post is titled “Less is more.” In it he talks about the couple’s youngest daughter, Indy, and Joey’s selfless decision to help her cope with losing her mother. “Joey was Indy’s whole world. Everyone else was… well, just everyone else. Including me,” he writes as he describes the unshakable bond between Joey and Indy. “When Joey started to realize that there was a good chance that she might not beat her battle with cancer, she made a decision…’he must become greater and I must become less.'”

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In the following weeks and months, Joey pushed Indy toward her father’s arms instead of her own. “She let Indy fall more in love with me…and less in love with her. She carried the pain on her own shoulders, to try to keep it off of mine. And even more so, off of Indy’s,” Rory writes in the post.

Sacrificing your own precious moments with a child so they can bond with the other parent is undeniable proof of a parent’s love.

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Preparing a child for the loss of a parent is something no one ever expects to need to do, but sadly for some, it’s quite a familiar concept. Losing a parent flips a child’s world upside down no matter what their age, but there are ways parents can help to ease the transition for everyone. The move to forgo some of those extra kisses and precious moments is undoubtedly a devastating one, but necessary nonetheless.

If kids are weaned into some version of what their new normal might look like, they are less likely to struggle with the transition, and the remaining parent can also benefit from the strengthened bond they share with their child. It’s hard and sad and oh so heartbreaking, but in the long run, everyone’s life is made just a little easier by one enormous sacrifice.

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Joey Feek may not physically be with her daughter anymore, but some of her final selfless decisions made her daughter’s life that much easier. That is the truest sign of a mother’s unconditional, unwavering love.

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