Pregnant Bachelorette star bashed for her drink of choice

Mar 29, 2016 at 2:46 p.m. ET
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Call the authorities! Former star of The Bachelorette Jillian Harris is drinking coffee while pregnant! Only a few weeks after announcing she's pregnant, Harris has found herself under fire for posting a few photos of her pregnant self enjoying a cup of joe. Harris posted two photos to Instagram in one day that featured coffee (the nerve!) and another coffee shot a day or so earlier.

If you were wondering if anyone had anything to say about Harris' penchant for caffeine while growing a human inside her body, of course they did, because #TheInternet.

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In the first photo, Harris is looking happy and cool in the back seat of a car.


For the second pic, Harris simply styled The New York Times, half an orange, her glasses and a cup and saucer of coffee.


Is this woman trying to harm her baby? Jeez, she may as well be mainlining, right? Eh, not so much, but that's certainly the sentiment many of Harris' followers echoed next to her photos.

After the backlash, Harris essentially told People that everyone needs to back off a bit. She said she stopped drinking alcohol, stopped getting Botox, but she's not about to give up her coffee no matter what anyone thinks.

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As most pregnant women know, there are risks to drinking coffee — or anything with caffeine — while pregnant. The American Pregnancy Association advises women to watch their coffee intake while pregnant, as studies have shown an increased risk of miscarriage for women who just can't part with their beloved morning cups. Adding even more pressure, a recent study found that there's even an increased risk of miscarriage if a woman drinks coffee while trying to conceive. Of course, all of this said, every woman does pregnancy differently and makes decisions based on what she feels is best for her. Some women have a little wine while pregnant, others don't. Some take antidepressants, others go off of them. And, as we all know, some continue to enjoy the occasional Starbucks run, while others forgo their lattes until after they give birth. Not only does each woman have to do what's right for herself, but anyone who's ever been on the Internet knows that there is a host of conflicting information out there. What one study says one week, another disputes the next.

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Clearly Harris is comfortable with her coffee intake. And like she told People, who's to say she wasn't drinking decaf? What's more disconcerting than a pregnant woman enjoying a few cups of coffee each day is the assumption that it's OK to tell a pregnant woman what to do with her body — even if it is via the Internet.

From the sound of things, Harris is going to continue to enjoy the occasional — or daily — cup of coffee during her pregnancy. Let's just hope the Internet makes its peace with that. Because in case Harris' followers forgot, it's Harris, not them, who's having the baby.

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Did you drink coffee while pregnant?

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