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20 things to ask a guy before you decide to have his baby

Most couples without kids get to a point where they feel like they know everything there is to know about each other. They’ve memorized every freckle, heard every embarrassing childhood story, know each other’s pet peeves and favorite foods. But no matter how many late-night heart-to-heart talks the two of you have, when you have a baby with someone, it’s easy to feel like the newborn isn’t the only person in the house you don’t know very well.

Just because you have the same tastes in lots of other areas doesn’t mean you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to raising a kid together. You child’s other parent may be the one who’s beside you for every scraped knee and birthday cake, so it’s a good idea to know what their parenting strengths and weaknesses are before throwing caution (and your birth control) to the wind. Here are just a few of the questions you should definitely know the answers to before having kids with someone.

things to ask before getting pregnant
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1. What’s the bare minimum amount of sleep you need to survive?

2. Do you find yoga pants sexy? What about messy buns?

3. Can you open a Tupperware of 4-week-old Chinese food without gagging? Picture it in a diaper. How about now?

4. What are your thoughts on Disney World?

5. Do you think you can pull off a baby carrier as part of your weekend ensemble?

6. How attached are you to your clothes? What about your lamps? Curtains? Car upholstery? Basically are you OK with potentially having all of your world possessions destroyed or puked on?

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7. Do you know the Muffin Man’s address?

8. Sleep when the baby sleeps, or scrub when the baby sleeps?

9. Are you too mature to answer a plastic phone?

10. Moms who breastfeed in public: way to go or go away?

11. True or False: Chicken nuggets are part of a balanced meal.

12. Can you vanquish a closet monster?

13. Are you team Sesame Street or team Barney?

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14. On a scale of Ring Around the Rosy to roller coasters, do you get motion sickness?

15. You’ve shown me your pick-up lines, but how are your bedtime story skills?

16. Does blood make you squeamish?

17. Are toothbrushes on Halloween a trick or a treat?

18. Are you cool with dressing up like Santa Claus?

19. Can you lose a game of Candy Land gracefully?

20. How do you feel about bringing someone else into our bed at night? Nope, not like that.

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