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Real Housewives star is about to become a grandma

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards just received some of the best news a mom could ever hope to hear — she’s going to be a grandma.

We’ve all watched the reality star’s life unfold on TV over the last several years, and not too long ago she was making the tabloids sing while publicly struggling with her sobriety and feuding with her siblings. She’s had a rough year, to say the least.

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But it seems as though the sun is finally shining for Richards and her family. She and her sisters are beginning to reconcile their damaged relationships, and in just a few months she’s going to welcome her first grandchild into the world. Her daughter, Brooke Wiederhorn, 27, announced via Instagram on Easter Sunday that she and her husband, Thayer Wiederhorn, are expecting a baby boy.

This news comes just two months after Brooke’s father and Richards’ ex-husband, Monty Brinson, passed away after tough battles with cancer. There’s no doubt that this pregnancy announcement is bittersweet news, but it will hopefully aid in strengthening the family’s severed ties in the coming months.

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Babies mark the beginning of something new. Born with a clean slate, they offer their families a fresh start, the opportunity to wipe their own slates clean. This can be especially true for someone like Richards, who has been fighting what has seemed like an uphill battle to maintain her sobriety.

Sometimes people just need a little nudge in the right direction to place them on a path towards healing. Richards’s nudge just so happens to be packaged in baby rolls and the intoxicating scent of a newborn. Maybe now the hard part is over for her — her daughters are grown, and now it’s their turn to do the mothering while Richards does the spoiling and cuddling; and feeds her new grandson chocolate and showers him with gifts and does all the other fun things that only grandmas can get away with.

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This announcement is undoubtedly a ray of light after a very dark time in this family’s lives. Hopefully with this news will come a strengthened and renewed bond between them, and a sense of reason for Richards as she continues to gain back her strength.

So, to this entire family, we offer up our biggest, happiest and most enthusiastic congratulations!

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