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Can autism awareness be described in five words or less? These parents try

The number of children who land on the autism spectrum is constantly rising, and fortunately so is autism awareness. While most children on the spectrum will share some commonalities, no two autistic children are alike in the way in which they process the world or in the way the world perceives them. As our definition and understanding of autism evolve, so does the way we learn from, love and appreciate those with an autism spectrum disorder.

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In honor of Autism Awareness Month, we’ve gathered together some of the most influential bloggers covering the subject of autism and asked them what autism awareness means to them — all in five words or less.

1. Shannon Rosa of Squidalicious

Shannon Rosa of Squidalicious
Image: Courtesy of Shannon Rosa

Shannon Des Roches Rosa has been blogging since 2003 at Squidalicious, a blog she started to deal with the “emotional thunderstorms” following her son Leo’s autism diagnosis. Her focus now lies on autism understanding and acceptance, a topic she also writes about on the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.

Shannon’s five-word take on autism awareness: “Acceptance and understanding trump ‘awareness.'”

2. Kristina Chew of We Go With Him

Kristina Chew of We Go With Him
Image: Courtesy of Kristina Chew

Kristina, who blogs at We Go With Him, describes autism awareness as “love, grit, hope, motion, odyssey.”

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