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Photographer turns breastfeeding babies and their mamas into mermaids

A stunning photograph depicting a woman nursing her baby has gone viral. However, instead of cranky people crying out about “decency” or other misnomers when it comes to breastfeeding, folks are celebrating this special photo. That’s because in Kyiera Jones’ photo, the mother and baby being celebrated are mermaids!

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The photo, posted on Facebook by Kyiera Jones Photography, shows a mother with long, red-tinted hair (perfectly fit for a mermaid!), sitting on a rock while wearing a synthetic mermaid tail. She’s breastfeeding her baby, who is wearing a child-size mermaid tail. Who knew that a mermaid baby would be so darn cute?! The whole picture is serene and magical, as if it were ripped from the pages of a fairy tale. Fans of the photo are loving it, not only for it’s creative spin, but because it’s yet one more image that normalizes breastfeeding. Because, yes, even mermaids breastfeed!

The photo has been shared hundreds of times and has over 7,000 likes and growing! Clearly it’s resonating with folks. And, remarkable for something that’s been posted online, all of the comments are incredibly supportive and approving. Many people called the photograph breathtaking and beautiful. One commenter said that, “…as a breastfeeding mom, thanks for showing the beauty in it.”

We needed to know more about the story behind the photo and reached out to Beaumont, Texas, photographer Kyiera Jones to learn the backstory.

“The mother in the portrait was born at the beach,” Jones told SheKnows. “She is very passionate about the ocean. She and her son are both Pisces, so naturally they are at peace when they are by the water.”

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Jones explained that she has a stash of mermaid tails for portrait sessions that she offers to little girls. She says that one day she thought, “What a perfect way to incorporate the mother’s love for the beach while nursing her baby as mermaids.” She obviously hit on something big, as the reaction has been wonderful. An added bonus is that it’s promoting breastfeeding in a really unique way.

“There are so many women ashamed of publicly breastfeeding when they shouldn’t be,” said Jones. “I have become a big supporter because I remember sitting in IHOP my first time nursing in public — covered and nervous of people watching — when I shouldn’t have to feel that way. My goal is to empower, spread knowledge and normalize something so natural with my own artistic touch.”

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And Jones has done just that. Her beautiful photo has grabbed people’s attention with it’s unique setting and accessories, but the message is the same as any other photo featuring a mother nursing her child: Breastfeeding is normal, does not need to be hidden and should never be shamed. Even when mermaids do it.

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Image: SheKnows

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