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Hoppin’-mad dad brawls with Easter Bunny

Nothing says Easter quite like a fistfight between two adults… right? According to reports, two men got into a physical altercation at a mall in Jersey City, New Jersey, after a 1-year-old girl fell off the Easter Bunny’s lap on Sunday. Yes, one of the men allegedly fighting was dressed as the Easter Bunny.

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The Jersey Journal is reporting that the fight started when Juan Jimenez-Guerrero’s daughter sat on the lap of Kassim Charles, who was dressed as the Easter Bunny. The girl apparently slipped off Charles’ lap, falling onto the floor, understandably causing her father to become upset. Jimenez-Guerrero allegedly yelled at Charles and then proceeded to attack him. Charles fought back, resulting in a brawl in front of a crowd of children. Both Jimenez-Guerrero and Charles had outstanding warrants and were arrested and jailed until their first court appearance on Tuesday. Keeping it classy.

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Anytime a parent sees their child injured or upset, it’s only natural to get upset as well and to want to do everything in their power to protect them. But as parents, doing the right thing — not the impulsive thing —and setting a good example should always take precedence, shouldn’t it? It’s unlikely that Charles intentionally dropped Jimenez-Guerrero’s daughter. So while it’s completely understandable for Jimenez-Guerrero to get angry at Charles, attacking him seems extreme and unwarranted. What kind of message does that send to his daughter and the crowd of children who were waiting to have their photo taken with the Easter Bunny? That anytime someone does something you don’t like, it’s OK to assault them? (Also, uh, might not be a bad idea for malls to run a quick background check on the people who are dressing up as the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, etc. It’s doubtful that most parents would feel comfy having their child sit on the lap of someone with an outstanding warrant.)

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It must have been heartbreaking for Jimenez-Guerrero to see his sweet daughter fall onto the floor while the Easter Bunny was holding her. The poor thing! But a few words directed at Charles or mall staff would have been far more effective — and less damaging — than allegedly starting a fight. Now, in addition to possibly facing more jail time, it’s almost guaranteed that his daughter — and a few other kids — will have a lifelong fear of the Easter Bunny. As if he wasn’t terrifying enough already.

What do you think of the way Jimenez-Guerrero handled this situation?

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