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Wrong-number text ends in a stunning surprise for new parents (PHOTOS)

When it’s hospital go time, parents-to-be and their entourages are a lot of things — stressed, out of their minds with excitement, overjoyed and terrified. One thing they aren’t, necessarily, is particularly attentive to anything that isn’t a baby making its way outside of a body. Add that to the flurry of frenetic activity that typically results in the ubiquitous group text that keeps family and friends in the loop, and it was only a matter of time before someone got it terribly wrong.

Or adorably right — if you’re Mark and Lindsey Knox from Tallahassee, Florida, and someone in the birthing suite inadvertently invited a complete stranger to come meet your baby.

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The couple was getting ready to welcome a new baby when, in the midst of all of the activity, someone stepped aside to shoot off a quick group text about Mom’s labor progression. The problem? One of the numbers on the text list no longer went to whom the sender thought it did, apparently, and instead went to Florida man and confirmed all-around excellent dude Dennis Williams.

Williams tried to let the texter know that he was mistaken and congratulated them all the same, but that response seems to have slipped through the cracks:

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The texter tried to apologize, but Dennis and his brother Deorick, who had been watching the texts with some amusement, weren’t having it. They wanted to know where this baby they kept hearing so much about was, so that they could come meet the little dude (whose name is Cason, by the way) that had been the topic of such excited conversation.

And swing by they did. The brothers showed up at the Knoxes’ bedside — with a gift — to wish them well and congratulate them on their new addition. Isn’t that just the sweetest? Talk about a unique and interesting birth story!

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Funnily enough, the Knoxes are getting ready to parent at a time where as a country we’re simultaneously practically the safest we’ve ever been and the most suspicious we’ve ever been. Throw a rock online and you’ll hit a comment that says something like, “It’s a different world now,” or “When it comes to your kids, you just never know… better safe than sorry!” Our kids are insulated in a way that we never were, and a lot of that begins and ends with stranger danger.

The truth is most people are inherently good, not bad. Could that possibly be more clearly illustrated than in this scenario? Text a few strangers about your baby and the worst you’re probably going to deal with is annoyed apathy, not baby-stalking monsters. The best you’re going to get is the Williams brothers, who saw an opportunity to be completely excellent to a family they didn’t even know and weren’t about to let it pass them by just like that.

It’s hard to think of a better world to welcome your child into than one where the very best things about life and humanity are waiting to welcome them… literally!

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