18 ideas — from big to small — that kids can get Dad for Father's Day

Jun 5, 2016 at 10:49 a.m. ET
Image: Danielle Smith/SheKnows

You and I both know one of the most beautiful parts of Father's Day is letting the small people in on the action.

Sometimes, we can give them a little nudge and let the little DIY-ers take it from there, sometimes they want to dig deep into their own piggy banks but just need a little guidance as to where to look and yes, sometimes, they need your help pointing them in the direction of something Daddy will truly love (and they just may need a little of your funds too).

To help you nail down all three categories, I've put together a few suggestions that just might help you get started.

For those little ones who are deeply entrenched in the just-let-me-do-it stage and wanting desperately to feel as though they have taken ownership of the gift-giving, go for the uber-personalized:

1. Take pictures of tasks your kiddos are willing to do for dad — empty the dishwasher, walk the dog, play catch... and create a coupon book.

Image: Danielle Smith/SheKnows

Image: Danielle Smith/SheKnows

2. Personalize a memento of significance. In our home, that's easy — a baseball. The kids have a wonderful time creating and Dad loves the 'special' creation.

Image: Danielle Smith/SheKnows

3. Spend an afternoon sorting through the past year's best photos and create a 'highlight reel' of the most special moments — all the while, asking the kiddos to help you create the collage.

Image: Danielle Smith/SheKnows

4. Take your small people to a local craft shop and allow them to get 'hands-on' — creating anything that reminds them of Dad — why did my small dude choose a penguin? No clue, but he was adamant (he selected it all on his own, painted it and gave it with a full heart).

Image: Danielle Smith/SheKnows

If you and the kiddos are looking for additional inspiration, I've broken the Father's Day Ideas down into two additional categories: Gifts the kiddos can tackle with their piggy banks and a few that will need a little help from mom.

More small gifts that kids can get for Dad

Even if you decide to skip the full DIY route, it is fun to combine the wishes of the man of the house with some extra love and thought too. Here are some options that fall into the 'Dad-I-dug-into-my-very-own-pockets-to-get-you-something-I-just-know-you-will-love' category:

Image: Danielle Smith/SheKnows

  1. Give Dad the kickstart he needs to his morning with the perfect mug — one that lets him know you recognize that being a dad is all kinds of special.
  2. A sweet book of 50 prompts that celebrates his extraordinary gifts — the ones that are uniquely him... from his advice to his dashing good looks — and the kids fill it in. A keepsake Dad will definitely treasure.
  3. If ever Dad wonders if he is a superhero in the eyes of his kids, he will look no further than his wrists. These superhero cufflinks will remind him daily that the kiddos think he's better than Captain America.
  4. Mom isn't the only champion of the kitchen — a cookbook of his very own will allow dad to master this domain.
  5. A sweet and simple shaving set will spoil dad — keeping him dapper at home or on the road as it is portable enough to take when he travels.
  6. A customizable notebook or address book will keep dad smiling as he's perfectly organized and reminded of the people who love him most.

And now on to granting a few of those extra big wishes... Let's be honest, sometimes we just need a little bit of mom's help figuring out just what dad really wants (and some help in the funding department never hurts either).

Big gifts kids can get for Dad (with a little help)

Image: Danielle Smith/SheKnows

  1. First on the list is that ever popular Fitbit Flex. A perfect option for any dad keeping track of his fitness level — whether he's up early in the morning to get a workout in before the start of his day, or he wants to track all that time spent on the field coaching the kids.
  2. Let's be honest, men love a great fitting pair of jeans just as much as women do... in fact, give a man a pair of jeans that fits his style, his comfort, his life, and he's sold for good. It makes sense to go with the brand that invented the blue jean and continues to reinvent the style to match lifestyle needs, right? Think about Levi's® 505™ jeans for Dad. These jeans are now on sale for $36.99 at JCPenney - a price that won't break the piggy bank!
  3. Every single day, we're on the hunt for a lost item — like keys... so Tile, a tiny bluetooth tracker that you attach to the everyday items that Dad is in danger of losing (like keys), is an ideal gift.
  4. A sentimental option for the Dad who wants to remember the city he's from, that place you met, the last football game he watched with his dad, this keychain preserves a map clipping of a cherished location.
  5. The Amazon Echo is life changing. As close as we've come to living like the Jetsons, the Echo, a hands-free speaker you control with your voice, has the ability to play music, provide news, sports scores, the weather and answer an incredible variety of questions. Dad will love it.
  6. Dad can tune in to the game, his favorite movie or block out the sound of the kids fighting simply by turning on his new Beats Solo2 wireless headphones. And if he travels, he'll hear the music or movie of his choice over the sounds of the plane.
  7. For the grilling dad, a personalized cutting board to transport his favorite creations. Mom won't even get in the way of his time at the grill.
  8. The little boy baseball fanatic in your dad will tear up as he opens this Major League Baseball map and mentally tallies the fields he's visited with his own father, with friends and the ones he plans to visit with his kids. The map has colored pins for those already seen and those yet to be.

Whew... now that is a list! I'm excited to know what you decide to do for the dad in your world. I know my small people are giddy about making plans. Sending Happy Father's Day wishes to the special dads you know.