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4 ways I tackle fall allergies

Fall used to be my favorite time of year — used to be. That is, until I discovered that I had developed fall allergies.

Sometime before I had my daughter, I suddenly discovered a new way to welcome fall… with a nice big “achoo!” Sneezes, watery eyes and a stuffy nose now were my indicators that my once favorite season, had arrived. Before I became a mom, it was a little easier to handle. I would take some drowsy inducing allergy medicine, stay home and sleep it off. My, how things have changed!

Once I became a parent, taking a day “off” because of allergies just wasn’t possible. When my daughter was a baby, it was a little easier because we could stay home, watch a movie or her favorite shows and snuggle together. I don’t know, something about cuddling a sweet smelling baby just makes everything better doesn’t it? However, now that she is an active almost-9-year-old, my life is a series of outings, events and commitments (all hers) that just can’t be missed — or I get that loud, annoyed protest of “But Moooooooooooommmmmm!!”

You know what though? I don’t want to miss any of those moments… that winning soccer kick, that smile after a swim meet or that girl’s day out at our favorite amusement park. I know that my daughter’s childhood is short, so I don’t want something like allergies to take away those moments I have with her. So, I have a few things I do to make sure I don’t let fall allergies take me away from her busy life.

1. Dehumidifier with air purifier

I kid you not, my life changed when I got my combo dehumidifier with an air purifier. On days my allergies are at its worst, I run it almost 24 hours. But usually, we run it every few days since we have pets and it makes allergy season a lot more bearable.

2. Find a medicine that works

I don’t leave home in the fall without taking my allergy medicine. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t recommend what I use. But, if your allergies are severe, talk to your doctor or pharmacist to find what works best for you.

3. Exercise in the morning

I love taking a daily walk, but when my allergies kick up, I have found that the best time is early in the morning. It’s still cool from the night before, and the winds haven’t kicked up all the allergens in the air yet.

4. Remove coat and shoes

Allergens and pollen can stick to your clothes, so always remove before or as soon as you walk into your home. We have a coat rack near the door so that nothing travels too far.

Allergies may be with you for life, but you don’t have to miss out on things because of them. I know someday my daughter won’t need me to drive her to soccer or take her to the mall with friends, so I plan on making sure allergies don’t stop me from doing so for as long as possible.

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between FLONASE® Allergy Relief and SheKnows

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