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Baby names inspired by America’s beautiful cities for your future traveler

Parents-to-be get inspiration for their babies’ names from many different parts of their lives. They look through their family trees, think about their favorite movies, reflect upon their treasured memories and remember special places — some of which just happen to be great city names that would work wonderfully as a baby name.

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Place names are pretty hot, and they have been for a while. And while many celebs have gone this route (David and Victoria Beckham named their son Brooklyn, for example, and Kurt Russell and his first wife, Season Hubley, named their son Boston) there is no reason the rest of us can’t pluck a baby name from a beautiful American city.

Whether you’re from Abilene or visited Memphis on your honeymoon, you might just find the perfect baby name hidden somewhere on this list. From coast to coast, from border to border, these baby names are both geographically quirky and perfectly special for your little one.

city baby names
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Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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