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35 things all kids need

The minute we find out we’re expecting a child, we begin making lists of the things he or she will need. From cribs to crayons, diapers to dolls and debutante balls, we start accumulating things and ideas to give them what we think they must have in life, to get ahead in life.

Too often, however, as well-intended as those lists may be, they’re misguided, and we ended up giving our children things they don’t need. In our rush to meet their every need, we miss the mark — and at times do more harm than good.

The things that are truly necessary for children to grow into happy, well-adjusted adults are actually quite simple. Here are 35 of them:

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1. A healthy, well-balanced diet

2. A car seat/booster seat/seat belt every single time they’re in the car

3. Memory-making moments with family

4. To know you’re cheering them on in whatever they do

5. Acknowledgement of a job well done

6. Breakfast each day

7. A good night’s sleep

8. Lessons in good manners

9. Someone to read to them

10. Hugs and kisses

11. To know you love them even when they make mistakes

12. Your time

13. Boundaries and expectations

14. Reassurance that they’re special and unique

15. Time to unwind, time to daydream

16. Lessons in self-care

17. Snuggles when they’re sick

18. Regular checkups with a doctor

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19. Your undivided attention… sometimes

20. Laughter

21. Opportunities to experience the joy of giving

22. Exposure to diversity

23. Lessons in how to lose graciously

24. Age-appropriate independence

25. To hear you say, “I’m sorry”

26. Faith in something or someone

27. Physical activity

28. Fresh air

29. An appreciation for nature

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30. Respect

31. To be celebrated for who they are

32. An education

33. Encouragement to always do their best

34. To see you make mistakes and recover from them with grace

35. Love

things kids need
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