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Musical names for baby boys that hit just the right note

Musical names for baby boys are a great way to bestow your love of music upon your child. And while musical baby names for boys aren’t as readily apparent as they seem to be for girls, there are still plenty of music-based names for your little maestro.

You won’t find girly musical baby names here, like Aria and Allegro — these boy names aren’t super melodious, but they are all definitely artsy and musical in nature. Thankfully, there are many areas of musical inspiration you can turn to for a music-themed baby boy name.

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You’re not going to name your boy Saxophone or Tuba, but there are a few musical instruments that do make interesting baby names. Banjo may sound a little out there, ’tis true, but that didn’t stop Rachel Griffiths from naming her little boy Banjo Patrick in 2003. Other instrument-based baby names include Axe (another term for a guitar) and Cornet, which is a brass instrument similar to a trumpet. We also can’t forget Reed, which has been a strong baby name for years — and is also a critical component of many woodwind instruments, such as the clarinet.

But the musical influences don’t stop there. We’ve examined different pieces of music to bring a bright collection of harmonious baby names that come from the staff of sheet music itself to some of the gods who presided over music in ancient times.

Whether you love music or are just looking for a unique breath of baby-name inspiration, check out these marvelous musical baby names for boys.

musical names for boys
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  • Alto
  • Anthem
  • Axe
  • Banjo
  • Bard
  • Canon
  • Chanson
  • Chord
  • Clef
  • Cornet
  • Fife
  • Forte
And here are a few others that need a bit more explanation, as they may be less well-known or are sourced from ancient mythologies.
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  • Apollo: Greek god of music
  • Coda: Used to designate a passage that brings a piece to an end
  • Dorian: A musical scale
  • Han: Han Xiangzi is a Chinese mythological figure, regarded as the patron deity of flutists
  • Harmon: Shortened form of “harmony”
  • Lono: Hawaiian god of music
  • Marcato: A musical instruction that indicates a note, chord or passage should be played louder than the surrounding music
  • Orpheus: Legendary musician in ancient Greek religion
  • Pan: Greek god of rustic music

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