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Katie Price unleashes Twitter war on the trolls mocking her son

Katie Price recently endured something every mother fears: Her child became the victim of cruel bullies, but she’s determined to make a change on social media because of this.

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Price’s 13-year-old son Harvey has Prader-Willi syndrome, autism, ADHD and blindness, and has been ridiculed in the most disgusting and cruel way by grown men online, so Price took to social media to share her disgust and ask people for their help to bring these individuals to justice.

The messages Price has shared range from sexually explicit posts to insensitive memes using Harvey’s picture.

A meme mocking Harvey’s appearance.

As well as a disgusting post that not only mocks Harvey’s disability but is also blatantly racist.

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Price is on a mission to name and shame the people who have been mocking her son, and while we commend her efforts and her strength throughout the situation, it’s clearly taking an emotional toll on her and her family.

It’s also a horrible reminder of how cruel people can be. To mock a disabled teenager is really low, and to find humour in someone else’s pain is sickening. As a society we need to put an end to online bullying and take measures to show that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated, a point that head of campaigns at disability charity Scope, Richard Lane, spoke about to Metro.

He said, “We hope those responsible are ashamed of themselves for bullying a young disabled person.

“Nobody should be abused simply because of who they are. We wouldn’t tolerate this abuse on our streets or in our schools and we shouldn’t tolerate it online. As a society we need to get better at accepting difference”.

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Many people have shown their love and support for Price and condemned the bullying her son has faced.

And the kind words have been welcomed.

Are you appalled by the way Katie Price’s son has been mocked? Do you think she has dealt with it in the right way?

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