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The 4 golden rules of naming siblings

Chloe Dustan is 23 and has six kids under the age of 4. She deserves a medal for coping with that alone.

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But she and her partner Rohan also managed to come up with six “perfect” baby names for their three boys and set of triplets (two boys and a girl).

Last year, eight-month-old Henry, Rufus and Pearl, born prematurely at 28 weeks, joined their three older brothers Evan, 3, Otto, 3, and Felix, 1.

According to Essential Baby, each of the names complement the others but are also completely unpredictable. In Dustan’s case, making it even more impressive that she managed to do this is the fact that five of her six children are boys.

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So what are the golden rules of naming siblings?

1. First of all, each child’s name should have a different first initial — especially when there are three or more children. Yes, a certain reality TV family would argue this point, which may just prove it.

2. Secondly, all names should “end in a different sound,” says Essential Baby, and none of them should rhyme. So this means Amy and Jamie are out. As are Thomas and Rufus.

3. Names should also be of a consistent style, where each name “upholds a slightly left-of-usual traditional feel.” If you’re not quite sure what this means, Dustan’s triplets are the perfect example (their middle names follow this rule too): Pearl Miriam, Henry Magnus and Rufus Murphy.

4. Finally, names should never be themed, so forget about different styles of flowers, places or objects.

Other baby name rules to consider are not naming children after a celebrity or person in the public arena, avoiding names because of potential bullying or what the name rhymes with, and steering clear of unusual spellings to avoid the pain of correction mistakes in the future.

I reckon there’s one more golden rule of naming a baby (or two, or six, or 10), and it’s perhaps the most important one: Follow your heart. Which is exactly what Chloe Dustan did.

“When naming my babies, I just wanted names I really loved; names that were simple. I love older-style names with a modern quirky vibe,” she said.

She also made sure they were all two syllables and had five letters or less so they “flowed together nicely.”

Do you follow any baby naming rules? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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