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Last names that make great first names for boys

If traditional first names don’t fit the bill for your baby boy, look at these terrific last names instead. 

Using a surname as a first name is not a new concept — in fact, this is how many first names that we’re all familiar with came to be, such as Taylor and Jackson (and Jackson, in turn, probably came about from an older naming convention combining a father’s name with the word “son”). Some last names are simply awesome and sound perfect as an initial moniker, and it’s not unusual for a mother to use her own maiden name for her baby’s first as a way to keep it going if she relinquished it for marriage.

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We’re betting you know at least one person who has one of these for a last name, but looking at this roundup, they all will pretty much make an excellent first name, too. They’re great choices for those looking for something a bit unusual while avoiding going super-unique, and these names, while formal sounding, often lend themselves to built-in nicknames.

Whether you search through your own family tree to find last names that have been dropped in favor of marriage, or are just hoping for a glimmer of inspiration through the last names of others, these amazing last names might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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