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Mom furious at outfit school made her son wear on bus ride home

Imagine trusting the well-being of your child’s commute to and from school to school staff — you would assume your child was in good hands and that getting them to and from school via bus was a simple enough task. You wouldn’t think your child arriving home fully clothed would be an issue, but for one mother from College Park, Georgia, it apparently was, as her son was sent home in his underwear.

Janet Burgo, mother to a 4-year-old boy who attends pre-K at Feldwood Elementary School, has said that her son was sent home on the bus half naked in 40-degree F weather. Her son had an accident at school at the end of the day last Friday, but instead of being sent home in something else that would cover him, a sweatshirt was tied around his waist. Burgo has said that her son is embarrassed, which is completely understandable, but the real humiliation belongs to whoever put this boy on a bus in his underwear… in February.

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Raquel Harris, the school’s principal, has since contacted the parents, stating that the boy had a sweatshirt tied around his waist while alternative clothing was being looked for, but that he was somehow placed on the bus and sent to after-school care before that happened. Since the accident happened at the same time that school let out, there was undoubtedly a bit of commotion as kids prepared to leave. However, that doesn’t negate the fact that the communication during this incident was completely and totally botched.

To be fair, most teachers have a lot on their plate, and they deserve the utmost respect. Every day they’re tasked with the job of educating our children, of enriching their minds while nurturing their creative and independent spirits. They’re faced with tough decisions and unique predicaments every day. However, keeping a child fully clothed seems like a no-brainer.

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If something as simple as communicating this incident to a parent didn’t take place because of the chaos of the after-school hustle and bustle, imagine what else could have happened. They’re lucky no one was hurt or lost or sent home on the wrong bus.

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A flub like this is bad, yes, but it could have cost someone a lot more than just embarrassment. A school’s job is to take care of our children while they’re in their hands, and making sure they’re fully clothed before putting them on a bus should be a given. We sincerely hope this incident is dealt with seriously and that, for the sake of the students, this sort of miscommunication never happens again.

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