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Emily Maynard’s baby news means her kids will be incredibly close

No rest for the weary! On Tuesday, Emily Maynard announced that she’s pregnant with baby number three. Maynard, who starred in both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, is already mom to daughter Ricki, 10, and son Jennings, 7 months old. That’s right — Maynard is going to have a newborn and a 15-month-old at the same time. Yikes!

Maynard revealed the good news on her new blog on People, saying she does realize that she just had Jennings “like, two seconds ago.” Apparently Maynard and her husband, Tyler Johnson, didn’t realize that one of the reasons couples are encouraged to avoid — or to be super careful with — sex after giving birth is because of how fertile women are during that time. “I guess I should’ve read that part in the baby handbook that says you’re super fertile after giving birth, huh?” Maynard wrote.

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In addition to admitting that she’s nervous about trying to figure out how to get through a grocery store with three kids and having a messy house for a few more years, Maynard revealed that she feels a little guilty because her son never got much of an opportunity to be a baby all by himself. But of course, all that said, she and Johnson are thrilled.

Without question, it’s going to be tricky for Maynard once baby number three arrives. She won’t need to worry about her daughter giving her a hard time, since she’s 10, but no doubt things will get a little dicey balancing a 15-month-old and a newborn. It’s exhausting to just think about.

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But! For what it’s worth, balancing a newborn and a toddler at any stage is tricky. In fact, many moms with Irish twins will say that they found having two kids so close in age is actually easier than children, say, two years apart.

If little Jennings isn’t sleeping through the night by the time the (other) baby arrives, that will be tough. (Though most older siblings wind up waking up at some point or another after a new baby regardless.) But Maynard definitely has other things working in her favor. For instance, if her house is babyproofed, she won’t have to worry about Jennings running up and down stairs when she’s nursing the baby, and if she’s in a bind, she can always stick her older child in his crib with some toys, take him for a walk in the stroller or give him a snack to (temporarily) satiate him. With older toddlers, these things wouldn’t necessarily work. Also, older toddlers are more aware of what’s going on, so emotionally it’s likely to affect them more.

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Few parts of parenthood are easy, but at the end of the day, it’s the most rewarding job in the world, and every challenge has its payoff. Maynard will likely have days when she feels like she just can’t do it because it’s so hard, but she’ll get through it, and slowly but surely she’ll get into a rhythm, and the “impossible” days will feel fewer and farther between.

Also, she’s gifting her son with a best friend for life. What in this world is better than that? Congrats to the happy family.

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