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Pilot helps woman surprise her husband with mid-air pregnancy announcement

Without much luck winning big in Las Vegas, Eric Sadiwnyk was headed back home to Philadelphia with his wife, Lisa, when he found out he hit another kind of jackpot — the baby jackpot. With the help of the flight crew, Lisa arranged for the pilot to make the announcement to Eric over the plane’s loudspeaker while they were cruising at about 35,000 feet. 

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Of course, she videotaped it all. First you wonder if the dad-to-be is going to sleep through the announcement, then you see the recognition begin to hit his face, slowly. It’s not until the very last minute, however, that you see the emotion from him as he wipes tears from his eye.

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She must have been bursting that whole weekend to tell him the big news, but how fun to surprise him like this with a plane full of passengers there to witness the exciting news. Talk about flying high. It’s certainly a flight the couple will never forget.

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Congratulations to them!

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