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19 ways to accidentally make everyone think you’re pregnant

If you’re a woman between the ages of 15 and 55, it doesn’t take much for people to begin to wonder if you just might be a little bit pregnant.

Sadly rumors don’t end once you graduate from high school, and it seems even being one of the Hollywood elite won’t stop people’s tongues from wagging behind your back. Kate Winslet set the internet ablaze with pregnancy rumors when photos surfaced this week of a friend rubbing her midsection at the Oscars.

There are a thousand different reasons why that could have happened (pointing out how uncomfortable her gown was perhaps?). But whether she is or she isn’t expecting, swirling pregnancy rumors are something many women can relate to. You don’t have to be famous for your belly to become the subject of speculation. Here are just a few totally innocent things women might do that could cause others to start giving their belly the side-eye.

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1. You decline a glass of wine at a family gathering.

2. You meet someone, fall in love and get engaged quickly.

3. You mention that you’ve always thought a particular girl’s name was pretty.

4. You eat a giant burrito for lunch and walk past a critical coworker on the way back to your desk.

5. You like a friend’s pregnancy announcement on Facebook.

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6. You point out a cute onesie while shopping with your sister.

7. A friend asks to borrow a tampon, but you tell her that you don’t have one.

8. You comment that you’re feeling nauseous but that you don’t have the flu.

9. You eat ice cream at a party right after noshing on a pickle.

10. You decline a friend’s offer to grab lunch at your favorite deli because they don’t toast the sandwiches.

11. You cry watching a commercial for soup.

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12. You start a baby-themed Pinterest board.

13. You ask for help moving some heavy boxes.

14. You’re spotted walking through a shopping plaza that has a maternity store in it.

15. Your friends send their usual group text to rehash The Bachelor but you admit you fell asleep early and (gasp) missed it.

16. You chime in on a conversation about how awful maternity leave policies are in the U.S. compared to other parts of the world.

17. You’re seen swallowing antacids.

18. You’re overheard singing a song with the word ‘baby’ in the title.

19. You ask your mom if she still has your childhood dolls.

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