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Breastfeeding firefighter image shows strength and tenderness of motherhood

Photographer Tara Ruby made history last year with her image of breastfeeding military mothers, and she’s not done with this particular theme just yet. 

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Ruby, who is ex-miltary herself, a military wife and a mother of three as well as an internationally published photographer, shared a new image on her Facebook page over the weekend — and the outpouring of love for the breastfeeding firefighter has been immense.

Breastfeeding firefighter image by Tara Ruby
Image: Tara Ruby Photography

“You’re amazing and I adore you and your clients for helping to normalize breastfeeding. I whole heartedly support you on this journey and find it so amazingly powerful!” commented Lindsay Fitch.

Ruby asked her Facebook followers to sum up the image of a breastfeeding, firefighting mum in one word, and the answers included “brave”, “powerful”, “resilience”, “beauty”, “natural” and “safety”.

Mary-Jo Walker chose “service” because, “This woman puts her life on the line for people she doesn’t even know because she serves the public. And she serves her family, too. She knows that she may go in for a shift and never come home to this beautiful baby. This is having a servant’s heart for sure”.

The good news is that Ruby is planning more images for what she is referring to as her “Uniformed Breastfeeding Portrait collection”, which she says is a direct result of the military breastfeeding photo she took last year.

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“The response to that [military] photo was overwhelming”, Ruby told SheKnows. “And not just because it was an active duty photo, but because every working mother saw herself in that photo”.

Of her new project, Ruby says there are no restrictions, apart from a uniform. “I have doctors, nurses and police officers that we’re getting ready to work with, but I’m not restricting it to a certain level of jobs”, she said. “Any mother with a uniform is one I want to to work with”.

Talking to Ruby, her passion for the project and for celebrating women who work and breastfeed their babies is clear.

“I have owned my business since 2010, and I believe that if I had done this 20 years ago, it would have gotten an extremely negative response”, she said. “It just seems like it’s becoming more and more of the norm. Mothers nowadays tend to work, so I want to help promote the idea that you can go back to work, you can work a full-time job and still breastfeed your baby. Capturing these portraits does just that”.

The Uniformed Breastfeeding Portrait collection will be unveiled over the coming months. In the meantime, visit Tara Ruby Photography on Facebook to see more of Ruby’s incredible images.

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