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Moms share the cringe-worthy things people said when they were pregnant

Pregnancy can be a magical time, one when everyone says sweet, complimentary and encouraging things. But there are also those people who inexplicably say the weirdest, most offensive and inappropriate things ever. We asked some mothers what were the creepiest things they ever heard while pregnant. Warning: Proceed with caution.

From my office manager, not a friend: ‘Wow! Your boobs are huge! Do they feel weird?'” — Julie MC

‘Mmm, mmm. Seeing your belly makes me want to go home and have sex with my girlfriend!'” — Britni de la Cretaz

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Someone once told me, ‘I hope the baby comes out naked and head first.’ Um, me too?” — Roxanne Werner

While still pregnant, I was told, ‘How old are you? (35). You should get started on the next one.'” — Shira L.

When I was nine months pregnant, I got, ‘Call me in two months.'” — Natasha Vianna

From an expert witness in a case I was trying while preggo: ‘I remember my wife screaming bloody murder when she gave birth.'” — Kristen M. Ploetz

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From a congregant: ‘Well, Rabbi, I guess we know what you’ve been doing.'” — Rabbi Rebecca Einstein Schorr

When I was nine months pregnant, a stranger on the bus told me that they had a cousin who went full term and the baby didn’t have a brain.” — Liz Clark

From a random guy, ‘That’s going to hurt coming out'” — Tamara Hansen Reese

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I was 19 and extremely pregnant (maybe 36 weeks), and we lived in a crappy apartment in Savannah, where I attended college. I would walk to class and back, and one day on my way back, a man started following me from the gas station about three blocks from the apartment, yelling, ‘Hey, Ma!’ and saying ‘You’re a mom I’d like to f***!’ He followed me all the way home and tried to come through the iron gate after me to follow me up the fire escape. I told him my boyfriend was upstairs (lie), and he said that was fine, he’d probably like to watch, and then I threatened to call the cops, and he finally left.” — Anonymous

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