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Ingenious Girl Scout sells cookies outside local marijuana dispensary

Another cookie sale season, another smart Girl Scout setting up shop outside a marijuana dispensary. This time it was an entrepreneurial Scout in Portland, Oregon, where both medicinal and recreational cannabis are legal.

An unidentified Girl Scout and her aunt set up their cookie-selling station outside Portland’s Foster Buds Marijuana Dispensary over the weekend. Their table, which was adorned with the usual stash of Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos and more, also had a sheet that read, “Satisfy your munchies.”

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The dispensary was completely on board with this little pop-up shop, and it even went as far as offering a discount on its Girl Scout Cookie strain for every customer who showed proof of actual cookies purchased outside. The Scout said she topped her sales goals (no big surprise there), but the larger Girl Scout organization isn’t too thrilled.

While selling outside a dispensary isn’t forbidden or against the rules, a spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington told local news that they certainly don’t encourage it and that Scouts shouldn’t be selling outside of establishments they couldn’t legally enter.

What does that mean for future Scouts and for their parents? Unless the organization makes it an official rule that Scouts cannot sell outside dispensaries, it’s still fair (and smart!) game. The bigger question is, how can parents explain why folks who frequent dispensaries are more likely to indulge in Thin Mints? Does the Scout who set up shop outside the Portland dispensary understand what the munchies are? And how can we talk to our kids about it all?

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Easy: Be honest.

It’s easier for parents who have family members or friends who use legally prescribed medical marijuana. You can equate cannabis use to the pharmaceuticals they also take and explain how it is medicine and that like any medication, it has some side effects. Note that not every strain induces the munchies or gives you the usual “high” that some folks seek out. Being able to equate cannabis with what a child already knows about medication is helpful.

Because here’s the thing: Pot exists. More and more states are coming around to legalizing it for medicinal use, and some are following in the footsteps of Colorado, Oregon and Washington, legalizing it for recreational use as well. So, kids (and parents!), here’s what you should know:

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It’s a plant. A lot of people use it as medication for a variety of ailments. Some people use it not for medication but because it makes them feel good. But marijuana affects your mind and isn’t that great for brains that are still developing and maturing, which is why it’s OK for grown-ups but not for kids. However, some types of marijuana do indeed make you hungry, so why not capitalize on that and sell all your cookies? And keep talking about it. The conversation will certainly change as kids grow older, but it’s OK to talk to them about it and to explain why setting up shop at a dispensary is a really clever and potentially lucrative idea.

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