8 questions that kids with allergies are sick of answering (GIFs)

Apr 12, 2016 at 9:00 p.m. ET

Allergies are hard enough for kids to deal with, but others' annoying questions will surely have your kid muttering, "It's a jungle out there." 

Prepare your kid with a few quick answers to the following questions. Doing so will help him or her deal with the barrage of inquiries from well-meaning family members, friends and strangers.

1. Are you sure you're not sick?

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Sure, allergies can feel an awful lot like illness, but life still has to press onward. Kids can deflect this question by answering, "Yes, I'm sure."

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2. What's the big deal about a few allergies?

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Oh my gosh, this question is only asked by people who have not suffered the bane of chronic allergies. The answer: It's a big freaking deal. If your kid is ready to handle such a question, he or she can address it by providing education about how difficult allergies are to live with.

3. Are you crying?

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"Yes, these are tears of joy over the beauty of these flowering grasses."

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4. Why can't you have a pet?

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This one is a heartbreaker. Even kids who love animals may need to cool it on the pet ownership if they're allergic to pet dander. Your child can respond by saying, "I really love dogs, but they bother my allergies so much that I need to enjoy them at others' houses."

5. Why don't you try [fill in the blank]?

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A suggestion isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the person who asks this question should always have a good understanding of what the parents have tried before offering advice. You can instruct your kid to demure by saying, "My mom and dad are on it, thanks."

6. Ugh, do you ever stop sniffling?

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The answer? "Sometimes, when my allergies are manageable."

7. Why are your eyes so watery?

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This question might come from a place of concern, but it's kind of rude. Sometimes truth is the best antidote to an intrusive question: "Because of my allergies."

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8. Why can't you go outside and play?

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As a mom, you know how much your child wishes he or she could go outside and play without the fear of a bad allergic response. Your kid can combat this question by saying, "I can when I feel sure it won't make my allergies worse."