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Supermarket bananas came with a nasty surprise for one family

Parents of a 2-year-old boy had to rush their son to hospital after he was bitten by a venomous spider, which they claim was hiding in a pack of bananas they bought from their local Aldi.

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Evan Waters was about to take a bite of a banana when a spider bit him on his right hand, causing swelling and temporary paralysis, The Mirror reports. He was rushed to Bishop Auckland Hospital in agony, and, as his mother Kellie Knight reveals, his little hand had swollen up “like a balloon”. In fact, the swelling was so bad that Evan was then rushed to the University Hospital of North Durham.

Evan was hospitalised for two days and treated with antibiotics before he was finally allowed home, and Knight describes the ordeal as “terrifying”.

“It was horrifying to think my boy was hospitalised because of a spider hiding in the bananas. It was absolutely terrifying”, she said.

It is believed that the mystery spider got inside the fruit while it was waiting to be shipped from a U.K. warehouse. Although it is not known exactly what type of spider it was, Evan’s parents suspect it may have been either a black widow, a huntsman or a tarantula.

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And to make matters worse, their terrifying encounter is not over yet. According to the publication, they fear the spider is still hiding somewhere in their home, and Knight has been in contact with Environmental Health for advice.

“The spider had already scurried away when we heard Evan screaming. But his hand blew like a balloon, and he was crying for dear life”, Knight explained. “We had just no idea what was going until we got to the hospital and doctors said it was a spider bite”.

Luckily Evan is making good progress and is expected to make a full recovery over the next couple of weeks.

“The doctors are happy with his progress now and he doesn’t need anymore treatment. He said another week or two, and it will all be healed and back to normal”, said Knight. “Evan’s skin has blisters now, most of the swelling has gone down, but his temperature has still been high, and his heart rate was up.

“The doctors put that down to the infection being in his system and used medication to help get everything back to normal”, she added. “I panicked when I was told about his heart rate and temperature, and I was panicking the whole time”.

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Aldi has apologised for the incident, with a spokesperson stating, “Incidents of this nature are extremely rare, and we take them seriously. We have apologised to the customer and are investigating this incident with our suppliers”.

The retail giant has reportedly also given the family four free hampers and £400 in cash.

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