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Letter ‘J’ baby names for boys that are just right

These baby names for boys all start with the letter “J” and go beyond John, Jacob and Jason.

Everyone knows and loves boys names that start with “J.” In fact, in 2014, Jacob captured the No. 4 spot on the Social Security Administration’s popular baby name list, just a few spots down from the No. 1 spot it occupied for more than a decade. John, another steadfast traditional name, was No. 26 that same year, and Joshua squeezed in right above John at No. 25.

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If these names aren’t right up your alley, but you’re hoping to find that perfect “J” baby name, rest assured that there are plenty of choices. Many of these choices we’ve selected here have interesting origins, such as Jabari, which has Arabic or Swahili roots, or Jens, a strong Scandinavian name. Others you might recognize from popular culture (Joffrey and Jaime can both be found in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series as well as its HBO adaptation, Game of Thrones) and still others are modern, trendy choices that parents love, such as Jack or Jasper.

J baby boy names
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