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Excellent letter ‘E’ baby names for girls

You know Elizabeth and Emily, but are you familiar with these other incredible baby girl names that start with the letter “E”?

While we love tried-and-true traditional baby names, there is much more to discover as we delve deeper into baby names that start with “E.” Often, name lists consisting of monikers that begin with a vowel tend to be short and sweet, with parents gravitating toward names that begin with a consonant like B, C or R. There is plenty to choose from, though, within the ranks of the fifth letter of our alphabet.

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From earthy baby names like Eartha and Echo to more old-fashioned choices (that deserve a rebirth) like Edna and Edith to cute names like Effie and Ella to unique gems like Elke and Elva, there is something here for every naming style and tradition.

girl names that start with E
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Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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