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Touching sonogram shows unmistakable bond between twins (VIDEO)

Brittani McIntire is pregnant with fraternal twins who have been named Madilyn and Mason. In a routine ultrasound, Madilyn appears to be healthy, but her brother Mason weighs only 9 ounces compared to her 2 pounds, and he’s got a hole in his heart and an abnormal brain. Though the sonogram uncovered heartbreaking news, it also revealed something touching — the twins appear to be holding hands.

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Mason would need surgery on his heart to survive, but this issue with his brain will not allow for such a surgery, leaving him with a very slim chance of survival. With such devastating news, the image of the siblings holding hands offered the McIntires a much-needed moment of comfort.

In the image, Mason’s hand is noticeably smaller than his sister’s, and since they are fraternal twins, they aren’t actually holding hands because they are in different amniotic sacs, but the closeness of the siblings still serves as a consoling symbol to the family in a time of grief. Brittani has said that although she can’t hold her son or comfort him, she’s thankful that his sister is able to be with him. It gives her a sense of comfort knowing that he won’t be alone if he passes.

Losing a child, even before they’re ever born, is never routine. It’s never easy or “no big deal” or customary. It is a huge deal, and the weight of such a loss is truly inexplicable unless you’ve been to that dark corner yourself. Even then, there really are no words to accurately describe how such a loss feels.

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Announcing a pregnancy is supposed to be such a fun experience, and the months that follow should be an incredibly exciting time. A time marked by exhilarating milestones — the sound of that first heartbeat, the counting of the fingers and toes, the gender reveal and those sweet little kicks. But unfortunately not all pregnancies go as planned, and sometimes we have to say goodbye to our babies before we ever get to meet them.

They don’t make greeting cards for miscarriages, and there really are no words capable of giving those who have suffered such loss the solace they so desperately need. The sonogram that the McIntires were able to see is such a blessing for the grieving family. They’ve got an image of their babies together, an image that will forever display the powerful bond that their twins shared even before they were born.

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So to all families that have suffered such a loss, our thoughts are with you, and to the McIntires, we hope that this sweet, sweet image will give you some form of peace during such a difficult time.

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