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Excellent letter ‘E’ baby names for boys

Eager, enthusiastic, exciting — these baby names for boys are all that and more, and they all begin with the letter “E.” 

You may think there aren’t a ton of baby boy names that begin with the letter “E,” but happily that’s not the case. There are a lot of hidden gems among the alphabet’s fifth letter, and while many names are familiar to you, others may be new and unusual enough to get a second glance.

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We have strong, traditional names that have graced monarchs, such as Edmund and Edward. We also feature some that were made famous by their bearers, like Elton, Evander and Elvis. And a few others have a biblical origin, like Ephraim and Ezra.

Keep going, and you’ll discover some more pretty solid choices. Whether you’re looking at old-timey names like Elmer or more modern names like Emerson, we’ve pretty much got you covered with quirky, cool, classic and classy name choices — all starting with good old letter “E.”

E names for baby boys
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Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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