Nestlé recalls infant formula following consumer complaints

Nestlé Canada has just recalled some of its Good Start 2 Concentrated Liquid Infant Formula products, so you’re going to want to check your cupboards to make sure you aren’t using any of its products that don’t meet public health standards.

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Nestlé pulled the formulas from store shelves following consumer complaints. “The minerals in the formula may separate over time and appear as black particles in the concentrate. Consumption of the affected product could lead to lower intake of some nutrients, due to reduced bioavailability,” said Nestlé in a statement.

So what should you do if you use Nestlé infant formula?

“Check to see if you have the recalled product in your home,” urges the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. “Recalled products should be thrown out.” In particular, you’re looking to toss recalled products with the following labels: “Good Start 2 (Omega 3 & 6, dietary fiber, and added iron and calcium) Iron Fortified Milk-based Infant Formula – Concentrated Liquid.” According to Nestlé, this recall is specific to the Canadian market and doesn’t affect any other Good Start products.

If you’ve already fed your child this formula, keep in mind that your baby may not be absorbing all the nutrients he or she needs. This is particularly important the first year of your child’s life, when adequate nutrition matters most, according to health experts: “After birth, a child’s brain grows as much in the first year as it will grow for the rest of a child’s life,” writes the organization KidsHealth. “Poor nutrition during this period may have lasting harmful effects on brain development.”

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Be sure to watch out for signs of malabsorption of nutrients in children and to report any concerns to your family doctor. says signs of poor nutrient absorption to watch out for in your child can include:

  • Complaints of stomach aches, vomiting
  • Increased infections
  • Weight loss and slowed growth
  • Increase in bruises, rashes

Here’s where things get a little convoluted with the Nestlé recall, though: While consumers claim their infants have gotten sick, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency won’t officially confirm that these cases are linked to using Nestlé formula: “There have been reported illnesses; however they have not been confirmed to be caused by consumption of the affected product,” the agency states.

Be sure to share any complaints about Nestlé products — or any Canadian products you have safety, quality or improper labelling complaints about — with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, using its online form. You can also call Nestlé to get reimbursed for money spent on recalled products at the following number: 1-855-395-1238.

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