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Mom takes out billboard ad to find her daughter a husband

It’s safe to assume that NFL players have plenty of marriage prospects — they’re athletic, talented, well-off and obviously in peak physical condition. It’s understandable that people might swoon over them, but the extent to which one mother went to get the attention of Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly probably has him blushing… not to mention her daughter.

Gale Domokos Bonnell of Charlotte, North Carolina, took out an online billboard ad asking Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers if he would marry her daughter.

The ad reads, “Luuuke, Will you marry my daughter, Rachel? Love, Gale.”

It ran on Valentine’s Day in Charlotte. Though we haven’t spoken with Bonnell, her daughter or Kuechly, we think it’s safe to say that there’s been some blushing on behalf of this billboard, followed by a long-winded “Moooooooom!” uttered by Bonnell’s daughter, Rachel.

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Just when your kid thought you were the most embarrassing mom out there, this mom outdid you on a far greater scale of humiliation. Ha! Take that, kid!

Can you really blame the mother, though? We all want what’s best for our kids, and Luke Kuechly is, well, gorgeous. He’s also a total beast on the football field, and he’s got a great career. He checks a lot of boxes on any mother’s wish list for her daughter’s future romantic endeavors.

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This mother’s actions echo what so many of we other moms want to do — dabble in the lives of our children and pull some strings on their behalf. As far as we’re concerned, our babies will always be babies, and they will always need us. Always, OK?

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Bonnell was just trying to land her daughter one of the most eligible bachelors in the NFL, and who’s to say that she didn’t succeed? Maybe her daughter is actually secretly thrilled that her mom took this sort of drastic measure, or maybe, just maybe, she’s painfully embarrassed and afraid to show her face outside of her home anymore.

Who knows, really, other than this mother-daughter duo, whether or not this was a strategic move to catch the eye of Kuechly. The biggest question, however, is, did it actually work? If it did, Gale and Rachel are going to have some of the best seats in the house come football season.

What do you say, Luke Kuechly?

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