Dad takes his turn getting triplets & a toddler ready for bed (VIDEO)

Feb 16, 2016 at 10:42 a.m. ET

Mom Corrie Whyte recently exhausted the Internet with a time-lapse video showing her getting her triplet babies plus a toddler ready for bed. Now it's dad's turn. 

In his own time-lapse video, you get to see Whyte's husband Dan Gibson tackle the same daunting feat — getting all of those little feet and other body parts into pajamas as the babies squirm, roll and crawl all over the bed. Warning: You may need a nap after watching.

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For the record, his video is 2:00 while Mom's is 2:12, but it should be noted that she had snaps to deal with, while he had zippers. Either way, both are pretty impressive.

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It's great to see Dad get in on the action too, and hopefully when they're not making wildly viral videos, they actually tackle this nightly routine — and plenty of other routines throughout the day — together. Maybe that will be the next video we see.

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