Parents reveal fears over bacteria-ridden bottle tops

Feb 16, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. ET

When Stalybridge dad Craig Beresford posted about a problem with his child's Sistema "Twist 'n' Sip" cup on his Facebook wall he didn't expect it to  go viral.

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But it did and now the manufacturer has issued a response to Beresford's claim that bacteria hiding inside the lid of the cup made his child ill.

Beresford revealed that, despite "cleaning the bottle and cap every day," he couldn't figure out what was giving his 7-year-old daughter (who only ever drinks water out of the bottle) an upset stomach.

"I figured it might be the Sistema bottle," Beresford explained. "It's the only constant item she has had contact with the whole time." He decided to investigate and, after prising open the bottle's cap with a knife, he was shocked to discover that "the internal components had been hoarding bacteria."


"We were horrified and heartbroken that our little girl had been using the bottle in this state," wrote Beresford, who explained that the grime had been gathering between the two parts of the cap that twist together to create suction on the bottle.

Many other parents responded to Beresford's post to share their own experiences of finding bacteria inside the Sistema "Twist 'n' Sip" caps, and to provide tips for how to keep them free from germs, such as leaving them to air dry before use.

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Website A Spokesman Said picked up on Beresford's post and contacted Sistema, who were quick to respond.

The company's General Manager, John Prest, explained: "A number of our customers have recently advised us that they are having difficulty cleaning our Twist 'n' Sip drink bottle caps. We take this feedback very seriously and have posted on the home page of our website an announcement regarding this issue. We manufacture our caps to meet international child safety standards and it is for this reason they can be difficult to disassemble. Sistema is committed to producing products that fulfil all our customer's needs and our team is currently working on a number of design improvements to ensure our caps meet this criteria. Our Customer Service teams are happy to help anyone who has any further enquiries."

Watch Sistema's instruction video for cleaning the "Twist 'n' Sip" cup below: 

Twist N Sip Bottle Cap Cleaning Instructions Video from Sistema Plastics on Vimeo.

The manufacturer also said, "If you want to thoroughly sterilise them we recommend that you disassemble the top as per our video instructions. There are three styles of Sistema caps currently on the market, please identify which one you have and watch the appropriate video."

Beresford was keen to point out that he "didn't set out to make any complaints, just to raise people's attention to checking the caps," which is why he hadn't contacted Sistema in the first instance.

It's clear from the comments from many parents that the Sistema bottle tops require a fair amount of force to be disassembled, so please take care when doing so.

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