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4 toy trends your kids are about to go gaga over

makey makey
Image: Makey Makey


STEM toys are the hottest trend in educating through play, and coding is a cornerstone of STEM. Forget staring at a screen — kids are now learning what’s going on behind it… and learning to control the ins and outs of computers.

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Toys to watch for: 

Makey Makey — Can your kids play piano… with something in your fruit bowl? Play Mario on Play-Doh? Well, now they can. Makey Makey kits tie computing to everyday products.

Code-a-pillar — This caterpillar is due out in summer, when toddlers will finally be able to get in on the computer-creation game. Put together, the toy’s sections introduce basics like sequencing and programming without a screen.

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