Twitter account revealing lives of ‘posh London mums’ is comedy gold

Many people who live north of the M25 consider London to be another country, and there’s plenty of evidence to back this up. Londoners earn more than people in the rest of the U.K., and they are more likely to eat organic food, have a degree and live in a teeny-tiny flat that costs more than a five-bedroom detached house in Manchester.  

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A hilarious Twitter account, Highgate Mums, appears to provide further evidence that Londoners are a unique breed (or, at least, the posh mums of Highgate are*).

The people behind the account claim to pass on “overheard screams of consciousness from the ladies who brunch” plus “the sharpest tweets from our followers on the ground”.

Is it real? Who cares? It’s hilarious.

When the chauffeur phones in sick

Lessons on how not to be racist might be an idea

If in doubt, blame the kids

Nothing like some gentle encouragement

Friday night excitement in Highgate

Beware the dangers of public transport

Perhaps that policeman could come in handy after all

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Peer pressure at its worst

Or if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all?

To wash down Eddie’s croissant, we expect

Poor, poor darlings

Unfortunately there’s a good chance the barista has a degree (or three)

As do wealth and rudeness?

There are no words

*Disclaimer: Posh mums exist all over the U.K.

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