Proud DJ dad plays his baby’s birth live during radio broadcast

Executive producer of 106.5 The Arch in St. Louis, Brandon Luttman, had to clock out of work early last week when his wife went into labor. But he didn’t leave his co-workers far behind; he worked with them to live-broadcast the birth of his baby for all of St. Louis to hear.

“Things are happening,” Luttman says in the recording, “We’re about to bring a baby into the world, and I’m going to have little to nothing to do with it.” This is the fourth child of Luttman and his wife, Alex, who is a complete champ during the delivery of their son, August.

“That’s a big one!” Luttman exclaims as he sees his son for the first time. There is a short delay in the baby’s crying, when Luttman gets noticeably quite, but the nurses remain calm and professional throughout the very short-lived tension. Soon enough you hear those first little wails, and the love you hear in the parents’ voices as they meet their son for the first time is undeniable.

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What is it about hearing the birth of a baby, even a baby of complete strangers, that makes it feel as if our ovaries are going to explode? Really though, just hearing the joy in their voices is enough to make us weepy while reminiscing about the moment we met our own children.

Luttman’s support of his wife is nothing short of adorable, and we’re pretty sure Alex is a modern-day Wonder Woman — she barely even made a sound throughout the recording! Though this is likely the first time any of us have ever heard the birth of a child being played out on the radio, it’s not the first time we’ve seen displays of support in the delivery room.

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Remember the video of the woman birthing a 10-pound baby in her car while her husband drove them to the hospital? He’s encouraging and comforting her the best he can from the driver’s seat as she literally delivers the child in the passenger seat. What about that time a man took a selfie of himself and his wife as she was in the middle of delivering their child? And then there was that one time that Jay Z rented out an entire L&D floor for the birth of his daughter, Blue Ivy.

The point here is that although women most definitely take on the brunt of the work during labor and delivery, our partners have important roles too. Without their support, their hand-holding, their soothing encouragement and their endless runs to the ice machine for ice chips, the inevitable pain and discomfort of labor may be a little less tolerable.

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Luttman’s support for his wife is unique, for sure, but it’s so, so important. It takes a village to not only raise a baby, but to bring one into the world as well. So to those men and women supporting their partners and holding their hands throughout a very strenuous process, we applaud your efforts. And to Luttman: Congratulations!


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