Breastfeeding mom shares special moment with orangutan

Finally, a sweet and supportive story about a woman breastfeeding in public is making headlines. It happened at the Melbourne Zoo, and you might say people are going a bit “ape” over it.

When visiting the zoo, a mother looking to breastfeed her 13-week-old son found a private spot right outside an orangutan enclosure. Soon, however, she had some curious onlookers — two orangutans who watched her breastfeeding with what appeared to be looks of admiration. The mom, Elizabeth Hunt Burrett, said the orangutan gave her a nod, and she felt like the mama ape was proud of her.

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Fortunately someone snapped a picture, which has gone viral after she posted it to Facebook. The best part, she said, is that no one made any negative remarks that day when they saw what was going on, and the reaction since has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve seen far too many cases over the years where women are shamed or banned from breastfeeding in public, so this is a beautiful case that showcases just how natural it is and how acceptable it should be.

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We know that two-thirds of moms don’t meet the goals they set for breastfeeding, and while there are many reasons for this, the negative reactions to breastfeeding in public are certainly among them. If only we could get people to act a little more like apes in this regard, the world would be a much better place for babies and moms alike.

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