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Anne Hathaway sparks debate on hair dye during pregnancy

The always stunning Anne Hathaway appears to have outdone herself again. In her latest Instagram post, pregnant Hathaway appears to be sporting some new locks along with her perfect pout.

“Be honest. Did I unwittingly dress like a fashion scarecrow today?” the actress wrote. She’s wearing a flannel shirt covered by a light jacket, a wide-brim black hat, orange sunglasses and, oh yeah, blond hair. Well, sort of.

The typically brunette Hathaway’s hair is noticeably lighter, and we’ve got to say it looks great on her. She and husband Adam Shulman are expecting their first child together, and Hathaway is somewhere around the eight-month mark in her pregnancy.

While there’s no doubt that most of Hathaway’s fans are giving her new do two very stylish thumbs-up, there’s probably some hater out there that will feel the inevitable need to offer up their two cents pertaining to dyeing hair while pregnant.

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Pregnancy too often garners the unsolicited advice of our peers. Everyone from the mailman to the receptionist at the insurance company wants to offer up their tricks of the trade. And though most of the counsel is given with good intentions, some of this guidance might be ill-advised, including the myth that you can’t touch your hair at all when you’re pregnant.

So let’s talk about some of the ways we can safely and stylishly treat our locks during those nine (mostly) joyous months, shall we?

Many experts advise expectant mothers to wait until the second trimester to do any sort of color treatments on their hair, since the first trimester is such a pivotal time for a baby’s developing organs (Hathaway’s clearly in the clear on that front). But after that, you should check in with your doctor, as according to the National Institutes of Health, “For the average pregnant woman, receiving hair treatments three to four times during pregnancy does not appear to increase risk of adverse effects on the fetus.”

Though highlighting or coloring your hair during your second trimester is believed to be safe, it’s generally recommended that women opt for gentle, all-natural or ammonia-free options when doing so and to avoid anything that will actually reach the scalp.

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If you’re not in the market for a new hue, you can still treat your locks. Sometimes a nice hot oil or deep-conditioning treatment is just what the hair doctor ordered for your stressed-out strands. Hair that is dry before pregnancy has a tendency to dry out even more afterward. A deep-conditioning treatment every few weeks could revive not just your hair but also your exhausted and possibly swollen spirit as well.

Of course, anytime you’re planning to make a change to your hair — whether by getting highlights or treating yourself to an oil treatment — it’s always important to read labels. Our bodies produce a lot of different chemicals when we’re pregnant, and our babies grow by leaps and bounds literally every single day, so it’s important to read the labels of any products purchased to check for harmful chemicals that might interfere with the development of your baby. Consult a doctor if you’ve got any questions or concerns pertaining to specific ingredients to avoid.

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As it turns out, one of the best things you can do for your hair while pregnant is actually, well, nothing at all. Those pregnancy hormones are hard at work, and as a result, you might be rocking a thicker, shinier, bouncier head of hair without doing a single thing.

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