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Farrah Abraham’s working mom travel tips are hard to argue with

Love her or hate her, Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham has been doing a lot of traveling on the show lately, and she was asked to offer up advice for other working moms. Turns out she has some pretty good ideas.

Trying to provide for her daughter solo has meant that this young mom has found the need to accept work opportunities far from home in order to follow her dreams as well as to make a good life for her daughter, Sophia. While traveling to England for three weeks while her parents watch her daughter, Abraham makes sure that she and Sophia have time to connect. Her advice for moms who have to travel for work?

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“Something I would share about my everyday travels to make it work for a single parent… is having an awesome schedule and always making time for FaceTime,” Abraham told MTV News.

The duo make good use of technology to stay in touch, using Instagram to give Sophia a sneak peek into her mom’s work life and working around her schedule to FaceTime every day. Abraham does her best to find a work and life balance, no matter how many miles are between them.

Making time for family when you’re far away — especially as a working mom — is an important priority, and using technology is key. Advancements in technology such as Skype and FaceTime have made working away from home a much more accommodating experience for parents, allowing you to “be there” and see what is going on as opposed to simply getting a phone call rundown.

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This is especially important for parents of young children, who may not enjoy or participate in phone conversations. Instead they are able to show parents artwork or a block tower they have built as well as give them a face-to-face element of interaction they would otherwise not have.

As Abraham points out, scheduling is key. It is important to allow for time changes and daily routine. Giving that feeling of consistency helps kids feel secure when you are away from home, and that sense of stability will make it easier for both parties.

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Whether or not you agree with her life choices, Abraham’s advice still rings true. As a mother, keeping those relationship bonds strong while you’re traveling is vital — it helps to know you’re never more than a FaceTime away from your baby.

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