12 lies moms tell other moms (yes, even you)

You’re honest with your sister and bestie about how hard it is to raise a child, but when it comes to moms you don’t know very well, the fear of being judged for your parenting skills often has you reaching for a white lie, rather than telling the whole truth.

Even though you know deep down we’re all doing whatever it takes to make it until bedtime, you may be guilty of (or have at least heard) some of these parenting lies moms tell each other.

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1. What you say aloud: “My child loves kale!”

What’s left unsaid: If I don’t let them see what I’m putting in the blender and add a ton of yogurt and fruit, I can get my toddler to take a few sips of kale smoothie before dumping the rest on their shirt.

2. What you say aloud: “I have no idea where they learned that word.”

What’s left unsaid: Unless they were listening in the car this morning when that truck cut me off.

3. What you say aloud: “I only let them watch 20 minutes of television a day.”

What’s left unsaid: You don’t count the episodes of SuperWhy, Sesame Street and Little Einsteins because they’re “educational.”

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4. What you say aloud: I never feed him the processed mac and cheese, only the organic.

What’s left unsaid: Unless the regular kind is on sale or you’re PMSing and craving the blue box.

5. What you say aloud: “Mmm-hmm, yup! Totally potty trained!”

What’s left unsaid: Except for nights, before meals, during meals, after meals, when we leave the house and when I’m trying to clean up.

6. What you say aloud: “I give my kids baths every night.”

What’s left unsaid: Running with them through the rain to the store or going through the carwash counts, right?

7. What you say aloud: “She sleeps through the night too!”

What’s left unsaid: After you change her, sing to her, rock her, feed her, change her, rock her, pace up and down the hallway for an hour and then feed her once more.

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8. What you say aloud: “He made this all by himself.”

What’s left unsaid: I helped. A lot.

9. What you say aloud: “She really doesn’t cry much for a baby.”

What’s left unsaid: As long as I never put her down.

10. What you say aloud: “Oh no, I never let them sleep in the bed with us.”

What’s left unsaid: Unless they wake up before 6 a.m., we stayed up too late watching Netflix, I’m sick, they’re sick or it’s Saturday.

11. What you say aloud: “He’s always an angel when we go shopping.”

What’s left unsaid: I bribe him.

12. What you say aloud: “The pediatrician said she’s very advanced for her age.”

What’s left unsaid: She’s in the 80th percentile for height.


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