Katie Price fans react to her latest controversial parenting decision

Katie Price is no stranger to controversy but it’s her parenting that has most recently been called into question.

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Price made the controversial decision to pierce the ears of her 18-month-old daughter, Bunny Hayler— a topic she addressed during her appearance on Loose Women — and on Monday she decided to post a picture of Bunny’s new earrings.

She chose to leave the caption blank but commenters had more than enough to talk about. It seems that Price’s actions polarised her fans.

While some feel her behaviour was irresponsible, some have gone so far as to refer to the piercing as “child abuse.” Others think the haters should stop hating and mind their own business.

Comments on the image include one from jacfolds, who wrote, “Yet more ‘attention seeking’! Why ask people’s opinions on loose women then go do it anyway, you knew you would be criticised! Completely disagree with causing pain on a baby that isn’t necessary! [sic]”

“When people say they ‘don’t see the problem’ it’s because they ARE the problem. A form of child abuse. How could you PAY someone to hurt your child for no reason?” a very upset edcjoy wrote.

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And emmajwilsher shared similar sentiments. She wrote, “They should be a law stopping babies getting pierced!! They havnt [sic] asked for it and it’s for pure vanity reasons by the parent it’s selfish and there’s just no need for it at all! Wait until they are old enough to ask themselves!!”

Other comments include, “So tacky,” “Why such the rush… My daughter was nearly 5 it was her decision… It’s there body let them make up there own minds! [sic]” and “Absolutely a disgrace in my opinion. These young babies don’t turn around and say mummy I want lots of pain and to have my ears pierced.”

But not everyone feels that piercing a child’s ears is irresponsible parenting and Price has several supporters.

“I don’t think she was asking for any of your opinions!!! For all the negative comments, get a life for goodness sake!!! ITS AN EARRING!!!!! And as for the ‘what next, tattoos’ comments,” alihodson1 wrote.

“@officialkatiepricebeautiful do what feels right for you as a parent people will ALWAYS judge before looking at there own life’s #livenletlive,[sic]” donna.barker.1428 weighed in.

And Instagram user queencassie1989 shared her own story of ear piercing at a young age.

She wrote, “I had my ears pierced at a very young age and I’m glad I did- if they don’t like it when they older they can let them close ppl stop HATING.[sic]”

If you are going to pierce your child’s ears you may want to do some research first. Like why getting your child’s ears pierced at the local mall could be a big mistake or how to choose the safest metals.

There is an ongoing debate about what age is too young to get your child’s ears pierced. Adviser to Parents magazine and paediatrician at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Wendy Sue Swanson, revealed, “Any time you puncture the skin, you open up the opportunity for infection, and because infants still have developing immune systems, I encourage parents to wait until their child is at least 6 months old to get her ears pierced.”

Thousands of people previously signed a petition calling for a ban on piercing children’s ears.

Do you think Katie Price’s decision is irresponsible or perfectly acceptable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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